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The Total Glow Beauty and Wellness specializes in intravenous (IV) therapy and vitamin shot injections. IV Vitamin therapy is an infusion of essential vitamins and minerals and other fluids that are delivered into the bloodstream using IV drips. Unlike vitamins from food sources and supplements, IV vitamins by-pass the digestive system and this immediately makes them available for use in the body cells, tissues, organs, and systems.

The Total Glow works along with patients to ensure they are achieving their optimal health and performance. We developed and tailored treatment regimens that allow the maximum absorption and health benefits through IV vitamin therapy. The results and feedback from patients ranging from athletes, post-op clients, working men and women trying to keep up with the demands of everyday life fortifies the importance of the therapies that The Total Glow Beauty and Wellness offers.


Here at The Total Glow Beauty and Wellness we value our clients. We believe in being professional around everyone we encounter. We understand the importance of educating our clients. We are determined to always keep our clients safe.


The Total Glow Beauty and Wellness is passionate about bringing out the inner beauty of our clients! Our goal is to illuminate the inner beauty by enhancing the health, well-being, and beauty of our clients.



Weight Loss Program

Did you know that Obesity is a chronic disease that affects millions of adults, adolescents, and children in the United States. Obesity results from a combination of genetic susceptibility, biological pathways related to metabolism and body weight regulation, and environmental factors.

People affected by obesity have a higher chance of developing serious health problems, including asthma, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and many cancers, which together are among the leading causes of preventable or premature death.

The Total Glow Beauty and Wellness understands the importance of preventative care and is passionate about the well-being of our clients. Our goal is to reduce the percentage of obesity in our community one client at a time.

Our weight loss program is effective and result driven. Clients are gaining their confidence back.

Enroll in our Medically Weight loss program today!!!

Bridal Party Drip

Booking an on-location IV hydration service is key to making sure your wedding party is feeling alive the day after your bachelor & bachelorette parties! The morning of the wedding is also a great day to rejuvenate your entire bridal party to make sure they are well prepared for a full day of non stop partying.



Immune Boost

Benefits - consisting of antioxidants and minerals that assist the body's immune response by supporting various cellular functions to combat infections and aid in healing.


Benefits – It is an important nutrient for the growth of hair and nails while also improving the appearance of skin.


  • My Total Glow experience was Exceptional!! From the booking process, to the educational series of the options available, to the actual services being executed - simply amazing!! Lorry took pride in making sure that I was comfortable and walked me through the entire process - I felt at ease! By the end of my experience, I was in awe by the professionalism of Lorry and her team. I will definitely become a member and I will also be sure to highly recommend my Total Glow Beauty and Wellness family!!  
  • Thank you so much Lorry for an amazing experience! I am afraid of needles, but Lorry explained everything as she was injecting my vitamin B12 and it really made it easier. I recommend The Total Glow to everyone, real professionals that cares for their clients.
  • The Total Glow Beauty & Wellness really cares for their clients. They take their time to explain everything. I had a million questions but Lorry was very patient and made sure to answer each and every question I had. Very professional team. I felt so good after my IV Drip. I am looking forward to booking with them again.
  • First impression is the last. I am so happy I decided to try a drip. I needed a boost after my workout and Lorry came over to help hydrate me!! Best decision ever! Book with them, you will not regret!!
  • I was visiting central Florida and became sick while on vacation. My wife who is also a registered nurse found nurse Lorry and she came to the rescue. I was so happy I didn’t have to leave my Air BnB while not feeling well. She came to me! Best experience ever.



1What is IV therapy and is it safe?
IV (intravenous) therapy is the administration of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream via a catheter inserted into the vein. Yes! The products we provide at The Total Glow Beauty& Wellness are sourced from FDA approved compounding pharmacies and medical suppliers. Vitamin therapy is a safe an effective way to get the nutrients and fluids you need on a cellular level! Each infusion and vitamin injection are dosed after you are evaluated by our Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner.
2How often should I get an infusion?
To determine how frequent a client should get an infusion, the client will complete a medical and personal questionnaire. We also conduct a medical consultation to go over client needs and wellness goals.
3Dose it hurt to get an IV Infusion or Vitamin injection shot?
Catheter insertion and vitamin injections has minimal discomfort, our goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Our nurses are trained in IV insertion and has many years of experience. We offer topical anesthetic as needed for our clients.
4What happens before the infusion process?
We obtain a patient intake form to better understand you and your medical history. We review the medical history to determine eligibility for an infusion, once you are cleared to continue, you select your drip and/or injections. Consent forms are signed and explained between you and the Nurse Practitioner or Registered Nurse.
5What happens during the infusion process?
We will obtain vital signs, insert an intravenous catheter into the vein and start your selected infusion. If you are obtaining an IM injection, you will receive the injection at that time. Infusions can take about 30-60 minutes.
6How soon are the results?
Result time may vary, this would depend on the client’s body system and the type of infusion being administered. Most client benefits from the infusion almost instantly!
7Do you accept insurance?
We do not accept insurance. We accept cash, along with debit and credits cards.

Meet the owner

Lorry is a Registered Nurse with over six years of experience in the healthcare industry. She became a Nurse because of her love for caring for others and wanted to enlighten her community on how to become healthier individuals by making safer choices in their lives.

She started The Total Glow Beauty and Wellness to provide preventative care and education to her community.

She understands the importance of preventative care and provides exceptional care to her clients. Lorry has a passion for assisting others and believes that it is essential to fuel our bodies with vitamins and minerals because that’s where care begins.

Welcome to The Total Glow!

Medical director

Dr. Abhishek Gulati was born in India, traveled to Australia, then Japan before finally residing in Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular & Cellular Biology and then a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from A.T. Still University. He has completed his residency through St. Petersburg General Hospital and is Board-Certified in Family Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Dr. Gulati has always had a passion in helping people want to reach their ideal goals through both medicine and lifestyle changes.


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